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Welcome to the Official Site of the Calgary Amateur Radio Builders

We are a group of Amateur Radio Operators who love to create and build projects. Together we have a wealth of experience in RF, Digital and FPGA design which we share on a monthly basis, and encourage others to experiment.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission statement is fourfold:

What we do

Create, invent, build, support and share efforts that will benefit the amateur community on a non-partisan basis. We form sub-groups for a specific area or project of interest, as not all members share the same interests.

What we do not do

Operate a station, participate in Field Day, Teach Licensing Classes, Flea Markets, Elections, Robert's rules of order, etc. There are many other organizations that already do that, and our members also participate in them. Our meeting are held by a facilitor who is a volunteer.

How to Join

To join, you can sign up here on the website where you will find project archives, articles and a discussion forum. For information about where we meet and upcoming events, please consult the relelvant page.

We look forward to having you join us. 73!